Thursday, January 27, 2011


I played the WBCOOP PLO8 event last night. There were 483 runners. I finished 42nd. Got a $16 ticket. I think I figured out how to make money on line. Play games you have no idea how to play and play simple. I have played a total of four hold em tournament and sit n go's over my online career. Horse in included. I have either won ore gone deep and cashed in all of them. I must be over thinking my hold em game.

This is my first time playing on Poker Stars. I just recently downloaded the software. I kept timing out last night. Does anybody else have that problem? Full Tilt runs great. I may lag there every once in a while, but I never miss a hand.

I may be naive, but who are all the people playing in this thing. Are they bloggers from over seas? The largest blogger event I have ever seen on Full Tilt is 120 or so. Right? There were over 700 runners in the hold em event two nights ago. Who are these people?


Memphis MOJO said...

Most are from Europe (counting Russia as Europe). I had one other from the U.S. at my table. They weren't afraid to gamble, either. Maybe because it's a freebie, they figured what the heck.

MorningThunder said...

I figured they were European, but why have they never shown up on Tilt?