Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Update

Not much going on around the poker front. I had pretty well getting hammered all around so I took a three week break. No casino or online play. I have played in home games, but I consider that more for fun. I tend to relax and drink a little at home games. I rarely drink at the casino or when online. I am going to Vegas next week so I will jump back in out there.

The Chiefs had a nice little run. I would have liked to see play off victory, but worst to first is pretty awesome. I hope all you Chiefs fans enjoyed it because the schedule next year is brutal. The Chiefs get Green Bay, Chicago, New England and Pittsburgh. Ugghhh. Say hello to 6 and 10. I hope the fans give Haley a pass though. The Chiefs are young and quick success is often followed by a tough season before the team makes a big splash in the post season.

My Kansas Jayhawks are having a good season. They got a road win against an Iowa State team that is pretty good. I do not care what team you are, road wins in conference are like gold. Ask Duke. Florida State handed them a loss last night. KU looked pretty good last night, but at other times they seemed to be sleep walking through portions of games. They remind me a little of the 2007 Florida team that was trying to repeat as champions. They seemed to phone it in on a lot of occasions. They knew how good they were and just did not seem to care a whole lot. They knew they had a switch they could hit and their A game would kick in. Florida lost a few games that year they should not have, but then kicked it in and took care of business in the Tournament. Kansas seems a to have a little of that to me. They will dominate a team for ten minutes or so and then it seems that they get bored and let the team scratch back.

Oh almost forgot. You people living in the south are pussies. Well, at least the weather channel people make you look like pussies. Four inches of snow. Really? Eleven snow plows for the whole city of Atlanta? Really? Atlanta has a fleet of city trucks. I know they do. All cities have them. Buy about 100 blades and put them in a wharehouse. When all hell breaks loose and a whopping 4 inches of snow in forecasted, attach those blades to said trucks. That is what we do here in Kansas. We got 9 inches here at the same time Atlanta was getting 4. Not a word on TWC. They said oh look it is snowing around KC but the sky is fucking falling in the south.


Memphis MOJO said...

You people living in the south are pussies

I admit my pussyhood.

MorningThunder said...

Fair enough