Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hey you, yeah you with the cigarette. I'm talking to you.

Cigarette smokers. What is (most of) your deal? Why do you insist that the world is your trash can? I was running an errand the other day and was getting out of my car at a local business. While waiting for my very pokey seven year old son to exit the vehicle I witnessed a lady pull up across the parking lot from me. She exited her car and as she did she took one last puff off the cigarette she was holding. She then proceeded to deftly flick the half smoked cancer stick on the ground. Now lets get this straight, I am not anti smoking. In fact I am an avid second hand smoker. My mom was a two pack a day lady. She paid for it with her lungs shutting down at an all too early age of 69. I miss her terribly. But, her fifty plus year habit instilled in me a love of that first drag off the cigarette. Second hand of course. I can really do without the rest. She used to sit in bed chain smoke and read the evening newspaper. The ash on the end of the cigarette would get almost an inch long. I always thought this was awesome. I never observed other smokers doing this. I thought my mom had some smoking super power. But. I digress.

In short pick up your butts. Please do not leave them on the ground for the rest of us to deal with. I love Anchorman The legend of Ron Burgundy. Everywhere the action news team went they littered. It is funny because it was extreme. Throwing a burrito out the window as just an example. I can not tell you how many times I have been following a car only to see an ember come flying out of the window. Once it even hit my wind shield square on. So I ask, again. Why? Are smokers in general just assholes? Are smokers just morons and do not realize this is littering? Let me know.

Another smoking story. I often play at Harrahs Kansas City. The poker room is "non smoking". Smokers have a tendency to congregate at the entrance of the room. This requires all poker room patrons to pass through a concentrated fog of smoke to enter or exit the room. The smokers are really in the room. They all like to stand there and smoke so they can see the tables and not miss their hands. To battle this, management put up a rather large sign at this smokers corner. The sign roughly reads: For the Enjoyment of All Poker Room Patrons, Please Refrain From Smoking in This Area. It is placed right at the corner that all the smokers like to smoke at. I had just busted out of the daily tournament and was waiting for my cash seat. I sat at the last slot machine in a row that is basically in this smoking corner. In fact the smokers regularly use the platform that the slot machine rests as their ash tray table. So, I am sitting there waiting for my table and notice the ash tray. A player gets up from his game and head towards me. He promptly lights up, takes one drag and leaves it sitting in the ash tray to go play another hand. The sign is right there. It is less than a foot away big as day. His addiction was so bad that he had to have one puff and leave the still smoking cigarette for me to deal with. Asshole. Another smoker arrived shortly and noticing the sign and ash try said, "That is not right". He then promptly moved the ash tray ten feet further out of the room. It had the same line of sight, but just ten feet farther. Nice move.

So smoke em if you got em. Just don't leave your butts laying around. And please show some common courtesy and don't smoke in my face.

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Memphis MOJO said...

This requires all poker room patrons to pass through a concentrated fog of smoke to enter or exit the room.

One word: asphyxiate