Monday, February 20, 2012


for Hollywood.

Went to the morning session at the new casino with my buddy Big Slick. He did not fare so well. Down $500. That was hard to imagine considering he flopped quads, three sets, two straights and a full house. He also rivered quads. The full house he had to split when the board double paired, but every other hand he won. He loves betting and chasing draws. They just did not hit today.

I was up another $260. Flopped a set with 44 on a 48A rainbow board. Great board considering half the players at our table would call down with any ace. I made a straight with Q9c on the turn. The small blind had flopped top set with JJ and pushed all in into the nuts. Nice day for me. Not much else.

Good Day

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Josie said...

Wow - congrats on the cash. those are some nice hands that you hit.