Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hollywood Casino Part Deux

Played another short session today. Three hours.

Had my choice of two tables when I sat down. Went with two women. I know, I know. I am a stereotyping bastard. Well, the other table had a bunch of regulars. I did not notice one regular at the chick table.

I sat down and immediately noticed that the lady next to me had very little knowledge of the game. Her hand motions while in a hand can only be described at erratically tentative. Almost as if every action was a question, only performed so swiftly in order to avoid embarrassment. If she was wrong she would just play it off like she was doing something else. When she rivered two pair on a four way checked down board, I heard her give a little squeal. She put in a $5 bet with great self satisfaction. The other lady was a total rock. She was playing next to her husband. He was weak tight. Two other dudes were just as bad. I had picked the correct table.

The one truly talented player at the table raised it to $11 in early position. Four callers to me in the cutoff. I have AcQc. I call of course. If I were in the blinds and it was off suit, I probably fold. I really do not like AQ. The big blind comes along and we see a flop of KcTc3c. Gin!!!! The original raiser makes it $35. Folds to new girl. She says "oh well" and goes in for a total of $60. I put out a stack of $100. Big blind folds and original raiser folds. He flashes JhJC. I win. She never showed Would have liked to see. I love playing with new players. It is like time traveling back to when I first started playing. I have long since come to grips that I too once played and behaved that way.

Over all it was a good day. I flopped two pair three times and won. I turned a nut straight. I flopped a set. Everything just seemed to work today. Nice.

Overall myself and many regulars at the Missouri casinos are in agreement. The new casino has generated great games. Just like last week. There were eight "fish" and two "sharks". For lack of better terminology. I am no shark but I ain't no guppy. Usually the ration is reversed at the other casino's. Hope it lasts.

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Memphis MOJO said...

They say table selection is an over-looked skill at poker. I know I've sat at tables with mostly sharks and didn't have the sense to ask for a table change. Bad idea.