Sunday, June 19, 2011

KK vs AA?

Here is the notable story from Thursday.

After I busted out of the tournament, I decided, foolishly, to play some cash. I was tired and had been playing for over ten hours. I should have just booked my $130 win and call it good. But, I had come out in the evening specifically to play the casual after work crowd. I had been playing the day grinders with small success. I wanted to get a piece of the easy pickings the fellas in my home game talked about. They said Amerstar was super soft at night.

I buy in for a little over $200. I dwindle up and down all the while trying to stay awake. I should have just gone home. I tell myself I will wait for one more big hand and whatever the outcome head home after that. Few hands later I get KK. Here we go. Guy on my right limps. I bump it to $15. It is a 1/2 game. I get called in five spots as it gets around to the limper. He says something like it is too much but he is priced in and calls. The flop is 6-4-8 off suit. Checks to me and I shove my last $100 into the pot. The small blind calls. I am for sure behind. The limper on my right starts chuckling and says "really?". He flashes his cards to the other end of the table and folds. My kings go down to a set of sixes and I get up to go home. The limper looks at me and says he folded AA. I say "Really?". I do not believe him. The other end of the table confirms it. This holds with what my home game guys were claiming. What a horrible way to play aces. He got the dream scenario. Five people in for a total of $75 in the pot and he just calls. He decides to play aces that way? If he pushes his $150 there, I call and the sixes guy goes away. That was his pot and I told him so as I walked away. He gave me a puzzled look. Will try again soon.


The Neophyte said...

That was a bad cooler for you. Losing to the sixes probably hurt more. But don't tell the aces guy how to play that hand, he might actually follow your advice next time and make it harder on the rest of us. I have also learned, don't play tired. All I do is give it away no matter what I'm dealt.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

The worst part about the way the guy placed the Aces IMO is what he did on the flop. On a completely raggy, rainbow flop with no two consecutive cards even, after having just limped preflop, he has got to be ahead there what, 99% of the time? I harp on this all the time on my blog and in my own play, but you've got to give credence to the way you played the hand preflop, and in this case, his preflop action told someone like you sitting there pushing allin with A8, TT or something like that that they are ahead. He ran a total bluff, should have gotten paid off on it, but then folded to action after completely hiding the fact that he had Aces! 99% is probably not even enough, he is probably ahead 99.99% of the time given this scenario.

Please tell your friend he is a Poker Pussy.