Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chop It?

Do you chop? I always chop. The only way I do not chop up the blinds is in the event that we both have a cheeseburger. A cheeseburger being a hand that can turn into a bad beat. They call it a cheeseburger in Kansas City. It is against the rules to openly talk about the bad beat. The blinds cannot ask one another if they have a bad beat eligible hand. If they do the bad beat could be voided. I have chopped numerous times and many times been asked if I had a cheeseburger. I have seen the blinds chopped considerably more and the cheeseburger question usually comes up. I have yet to see the blinds decide to play it out.

While at Ameristar Thursday a hand occurred that was folded to the button. The button in the nine seat started to make a motion that indicated he would at least call, but probably raise. The small blind said "You could just let us chop". The button set his chips down and folded. The big blind in the one seat went ballistic. He wanted to play the hand and lambasted the ten seat. The small blind through his dollar at the big blind and apologized. The big blind threw it back. This went on for three more rounds as they jawed at each other. The small blind did not get it. It was not about his dollar. The button was going to play for a raise. He was a very aggressive player. The big blind had a huge hand and was most likely win a little bit of money. The small blind should have kept his mouth shut.

Grinding session. Got AK once. Won small pot when an ace flopped. JJ twice utg that I limped with hoping to trap the aggressive guy. Both times no raise. I lost the minimum on one JJ hand . Flop was 77T. Aggressive guy flopped quads. If I had played the jacks for a raise pre flop, he calls and gets my stack after the flop.

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