Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Not sure what I am doing with poker. I have such a defeatist attitude toward the game right now. I played a home game last night. I almost double up with QJ on a queen high flop. The big blind had a worse queen. I then get AA on the button. Limped to me and I pop it to $5. The big blind is .50. Get only the big blind to call. Flop is QT9. Check and I bet the pot. He calls. King comes and I shut down. Checked down the river and he has QJ. I end the night losing with 77 to 66 or the rest of my stack. Flopped set. Slow rolled me. It was only $40 but this sessions loss hit me harder than usual. I feel adrift and drowning in the game. It would appear to the casual observer that I am smiling and dancing when in actuality I am flailing and sucking down water. I can barely see over the water line. I don't even have the energy or the care to get upset about the beats. I accept the AA and 77 loss as a matter of course. I I I. There is not I in poker.

I do not know. I had a good time in Vegas playing poker. I won a tourney at Treasure Island and then about a hundred on a 2/4 table at the Flamingo. Net up for the trip.

I am done with Full Tilt for a while. I have a couple of bucks on Cake. If I can not manage to run that up, I am probably done with online poker for the near future.

Enough I's for now.

Later Gator.

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