Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Full Tilt s telling me something

Sat down to play a fun tournament I found on Full Tilt. It is the $10k guaranteed $1 re-buy rush tournament that starts at 9:40 or so. The first time I played I took 159 out of over 2000 runners. I have not cashed since, but I love the format. Top prize is usually over 3k. I was playing last night and went up and down. I had chipped up into the money with about a thousand runners left. I get AA in the big blind. Is there much better than AA in the big? There is a limper and a min raiser. Two more limpers. Blinds are 400/200. I pop it up to T8400. Big over bet, trying to look like a steal. Limper folds and the original raiser just flats. We are heads up. The flop is 3c4c8d. I bet the pot and he flats. Hmmm. The turn is the Jh. I push all in and he instant calls. He is all in. I am in for 2/3 my stack. Any idea as to what he had here? The river is the 8c. And he flips over KcTc. Trying to give me his chips. That pot would have put me in the top 30. I still have 15k left and keep going. I am up and down a bit and then down to 11k. I pick up AK in the big blind. Blinds 800/400/. Folded to the cut off who makes it 2200 to go. I push my 11k. He instant calls with JTos. for 3/4 his stack. He flops and then turns two pair and IGH.

I fire up a $6 ko sit n go and this happened

I took it as a sign and turned off the computer.

Woke up this morning and fired up a $2.20 cash out tourney, just to mess around. I lose half my stack with AK. On a JsKs9h3dQs board where a guy in position is just calling me down. I check the river and fold to his all in bet. I have T1500 and get AK utg. I raise the pot and get called. Next guy min raises and I push in. Original limper folds and the min raiser calls. He has TA DA 56os. The flop is AK7. Turn 8. River 9. I call him a donkey and he says sorry he was priced in. Yeah because you priced yourself in. Are you really priced in here? He had to call T1000 to win T2200. Are you really priced in when the best you can hope for is what he got, up against two overs? I really want to know readers. Do you ever make this call because you are priced in? It meant calling off over half his stack.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Players who say they were priced in wouldn't know priced in if it came up and shook their hand.