Friday, April 7, 2017

Well Hello

Nice to see you. Hope all is well. Just checking in on ya.

Played some poker yesterday. Just for fun. Makes the game soooooo much easier. No pressure really. Makes the correct plays easier to make.

I sat down and the third hand in three players get involved in a hand. All three end up getting all in after the flop Board was 679 with two diamonds. Turn is a 6s but wait. The dealer did not see the third person yet to act. Card is dead. Third player calls. Dealer burns then turns what the river was going to be, a 2d. The remaining deck and the 6s are then shuffled. Burn and then the turn. Qd. I think one can guess where this hand ended up. Third guy never showed. One player had 77 for the flopped set. The second guy had 7d8s for the oesd and middle pair. His 7d was the only diamond in a hand. Set guy was understandably upset. The dealer was mortifies. She is considered to be, by nearly all serious poker players in KC, the best dealer in town. I have sat hours with her and she has never made small mistakes, let alone this $600.00 one. She apologized profusely. She takes her craft seriously and you could tell it would haunt her for a long time. The set player was upset but not abusive. He is a long time player and understands this is an outcome of the game that can and will occur.

Nice chat

See ya later?


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Memphis MOJO said...

Glad to hear he took it well. Situations like that can work to your favor as well. Like they say: "It's all good."