Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Played Hollywood yesterday. 1/3. Bought in for $300. Chipped up to $500 early. Down to $400. Nearing the end of my session a new player sat down. He had all the tell tale signs of a professional player. Ear buds. Hat He sized everybody up before he sat down. Two players I am friendly with and play with often knew him. I had never seen him before.

He raises his first hand and takes it down uncontested. Three hands later I look down to JJ in the big blind. New guy makes it $12 to go. He is now called in five places before me. I decide to just call. Flop is Ac Jd Td. Bingo. Little scary with the flush/straight possibilities. I check. New guy bets $20. Folds to the small blind. He hems and haws. I have played with him before. I was pretty sure he had the flush draw. He haws a bit more and pushes all in. About $ 200. I instant move all in for about. $350. New guy instant calls and I instantly know I am sunk. Yep set over set. He had AA. The small blind had AdQd for the straight flush draw. There were bad beat chances but alas it was not to be. I went home.

Played today. Finished with a $434 profit. Feeling better

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Memphis MOJO said...

When it's set over set, you're just going to lose money. Good recovery the next time!