Friday, December 7, 2012

Nice day

Played again. Finished up for a change. Flopped a set twice. Both times I was up against a flopped straight. Lost the minimum with my tens. Turned quads with my threes. Got paid Get 2d4d in the big blind. $12 raise. Three callers so I come along. The flop is the oh so nice Ad 4c 4s. I check. Original raiser checks. The button bets $20. I call as does the original raiser. The turn is the 3d. Checks around. 5 d would be nice but I will settle for a 2. River is the 2. I bet $35. Called in both spots. One made the straight. The other AK. Good to run well

1 comment:

Memphis MOJO said...

The mighty deuce-four is Poker Grump's favorite hand. I've had good luck with it, too. When you hit, they never see it coming.