Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Played Carls game last night. Showed up late. Six handed. I sit down and what should appear under my hole cards. AA. Merry Christmas. I raise it to $4. Get three callers. They think I am bullying the table. Flop is jack high. Blevins bets at it. Slick smooths and I make it $20 more to go. Fold around and Slick flashes AJ as he folds. I flop a straight next hand and win a nice little pot. Fold the next hand. See a flop with QTc in the big blind the next hand. Flop is ten high with two clubs. I bet and get called. Blevins then blasts the pot. I think for a minute and decide to call and see what happens. The turn is the Qd. I check and the other dude checks. Blevins bets $30. I tank for a bit. Wondering what the other guy has. I am almost positive Blevins has a set. Has to. Oh well I can either fold or push. Fold is out of the question. I have a ton of outs against a set. I finally push and the other dude folds. Blevins instant folds his cards face up. 2 3 off suit. He had bottom pair on the flop and was firing away. I get TT the next hand and take down a nice pot on a 9 high board. I am up $115 in six hands. Only other interesting hand of the night was against Slick. Blevins bet pre flop. Slick hemmed and hawed a little and flatted. I look down at QQ and move all in. Blevins instant mucks. Slick hems and moans about his acting was for Blevins not me. He flashes his cards and I see a king. Shit I am behind. Slick folds AK instantly. He has to have KK. He asks if I would chop right there. I say hell yes. Blevins rolls out the flop just to see and the door card is a queen. Would not have mattered most likely. We would have run it twice. Over all a good night. Gave a little back and wound up $80. Not bad for a .25/.50 game and three hours of work.


Memphis MOJO said...

I find that when I haven't played for a while, I concentrate more and do better for some reason. Maybe when I'm playing more, I get bored and careless. Do find the same thing?

MorningThunder said...