Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Well here I am

Been away a while. I have not really played much poker in the last two weeks. I did play "poker" after golfing. But, I do no consider poker with wild cards real. I did win $40 though. Before that I went on a little run bad/ play bad streak. I was up $250 at my home game. I then played a home game the next night and gave it back. I went to the casino and gave back a couple hundred more. Stupid play. Weak tight will get you nowhere in this game.

I decided to venture back into the water last night. I got there late after my softball game and the stacks were deep for our little .25/.50 game that plays like a 1/2 game. I bought in for $100 and was easily the short stack. One one big hand for the night when I opened raised my JJ from middle position. Agro donk two to my left pops me. I call and see a flop of 843 rainbow, heads up. I check and he bets over the pot. I ask him what he has left and it is $45 more. I go all in and he calls and ask how many times I want to run it. Good sign. He has 75 off suit. Really? He needs running cards or the gutter ball 6. I should have just run it once, but I always run it twice. No need to be a dick at a home game. He catches a five the first time but nothing else. He blanks out on the second run and I scoop the pot. I chip up from there a little. Win a balls hand to end the night and cash out up $169. Not bad for two hours work.

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