Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Poker I think Is dead to me

I raise 3 1/2 times the blind. He calls from the small blind and bets it like he knows it is fucking coming. I smooth the flop and push the turn. All the while thinking to myself, "Here it comes. No, it can't possibly come. Can it?

Obviously it is not about the money.

I played yesterday at Harrahs. I was playing tight. Never raising. I get QQ om early position and raise it up. I get one caller in the big blind. Flop is rainbow nine high. I bet. Call. The turn is a 2. Rainbow and no pairs and no coordination. I bet again and get called. The flop is an ace. He checks and I groan and check expecting the two pair weak ass ace. He turns over Ace Ten. Really. Calling me down with ace high no draw. Fuck me.

I limp with 46 on the button. Flop is Q57 two hearts. Check, check, check to me. I bet my draw. Call call. Turn is a 7. Check, check to me. I bet again. Call call. The river is a queen. Check check. I bet again. Fold (88) and instant call. After I showed he said "Nice hand sir" and turned over his ACE TEN FUCKING HIGH WITH NO FLUSH FUCKING DRAW HAND. I asked him if he was mocking me. He told me if he was going to mock me, he would do it to my face. I told him I thought he just did. It wasn't as if he had a read on me. He was by far the worst player at the table. He was just looking for any excuse to keep calling. This really is my fault. I never should have tried bluffing him in the first place.

So, I think I am done for a while. I will still follow the bloggers and dabble with home games, but I cannot continue to suffer the abuse.

See ya around.

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